🙂 2017 is a revolution year.

We are very happy to host 6 leadership camps serving overall 68 youth. Same format: Friday night – Sunday afternoon and with increased quality and focus on leadership, teamwork and outdoor stewardship.

Thanks to our grants from Federation of Mountain Club BC and District of Squamish, and private donations, our camps as in day one remains cost free to all youth participants, safeguarding our vision to provide outdoor access to ALL youth. On top of this, thanks to the Govt. of Canada Summer Student job funding, we are able to provide employment to 2 youth from Climb and Conquer as Summer Camps Managers. They received employment training and mentorship, learning many skills such as project management, budgeting, promotion, presentation, etc. This is a dream we have envisioned for some time and finally realized it, making Climb and Conquer one step closer to youth-initiated, run by youth for youth. Employment opportunities are the biggest booster for youth success and confidence building! Teaching people how to fish instead of giving them the fish! These 2 youth have just graduated from High School and are now starting university. We wish them all the best! We thank the Squamish Arts Council for funding a partnership where we introduced first nations traditional drum making into one of our skills session. Thanks also to Brennan Park and Mamquam River Campground for their wonderful campgrounds. We also thank Michelle Hussein for offering her guiding services to teach outdoor survival skills. Thanks to Craig Davidiuk and Ultimate Promotions, Ashley and Climb On for sponsoring our beautiful Camp T-shirts.




🙂 Our youth has made a beautiful powerpoint presentation of our camps downloadable HERE  Here, let us show your some photos and outline the highlights of 2017 camps.


Our beautiful poster designed by our youth. They walked a lot door to door and to schools to promote our summer camps in Squamish this year! Presentation skills training to the max.

Our 2 Summer Camps Managers Arrietty Song (left photo) and Janice Ngu (right photo). They are past youth participants from Climb and Conquer. Arrietty is going to Simon Fraser University first year studying Science and Janice is going to University of Alberta first year studying science. We hope this summer’s employment experience will benefit them greatly.


We are new to Squamish and so we promoted our outdoor leadership camps at the Canada Day Festival in Squamish.


In one of our camps, we hosted a group of newly arrived (talking about weeks and months) immigrants and refugees. One night, I brought them night hiking. Then I was talking with them and 2 of the girls were from Afghanistan and they told me they walked from Afghanistan to Turkey (during the night as the army was shooting during the day) and then to Iran to escape the terror, bullets over their head and tanks running over them… Basically they told me night hiking, no problem!


In our camps, every youth has a job, no matter it’s cleaning, cooking, picking up garbage, hiking leaders, etc.


In one of our night hikes, we brought them to the bottom of the Grand Wall and showed them the magnitude of the challenge and the possibility to use rock climbing skills to scale this big wall. Guess what’s the climb in the photo 😉 One of the Squamish Classics start with Ex……


We brought them to many beautiful lakes in Squamish with rope swing, cliff jumps, awesome swimming…. Guess which lake this is 😉 Br….


We taught youth backpacking skills, how to fit their backpack, essential items, 10 essentials, how to start a fire, map and compass, etc.


We are very grateful to have the support of the Squamish Arts Council and have First Nations Artist Alice Guss teaching the youth how to make drums.


Lastly, we taught the youth how to rappel and some basic climbing safety and etiquette and manners and stewardship items.


🙂 It is a blessing to be able to share many wonderful memories with all the youth. It is a very unique summer and a great adventure for both them and myself. I wish them all the bests! It didn’t end here yet. We have set up a Extreme Conquer Youth Club https://www.facebook.com/groups/extremeconqueryouth for all past participants to gather and organize monthly events to continue their adventure and friendships.


– Joe Wong