Our Camps are super awesome thanks to our ALL STAR TEAM <3


Arrietty is a new graduate from high school. When she is not in school, she is actively involving in community services and helping those who are in needs. She has a sweet voice and is always nice and kind towards people. She enjoys hiking, climbing, and swimming, and she believes that outdoor activities can empower youth.

Arrietty Contact: 6047263108




Janice is a high school graduate who is going to pursue a career in science. She has always got a beautiful smile and a positive attitude that brighten our day. She is a ray of sunshine in her school as well as in her social circle. With her enthusiasm and thoughfulness, Janice never ceases to amaze us. Our team is lucky to have her as an asset and should expect her to achieve great things in the future

Janice Contact: 7789037645





Joseph Wong is the founder and leader of the Vancouver Rock Climbing Group and Climb and Conquer Charity. His enthusiasm for EVERYTHING in life is unrivaled and the thoughts that travel through your head while you talk to him are often “whatever this guy is on, give me some of it!” He dedicates his life to his two life passions: climbing and community service — and his adventure resume is a living proof of that. Follow his adventure HERE.
Joe Contact: 3605948727