CRUXTECH Finger Training System

$87 (tax included) and they donate $20 to our programs.


“Hello climbing friends, Amir Kh my friend has ingeniously designed a fingerboard attachment system that hangs on door frames so you can bring it to anywhere without drilling. I’m one of the first people to buy his product and it’s amazing and works on even the most flimsy doorframe like that in my old house. Similar designs such as blankslate (that my friend had) are nowhere as sturdy as this and they flex and are way more expensive. As in the photo, I also hang in two slings and can do trax/ring workout. I bring my board everywhere including winter ice climbing motel parties and pull up competitions. Work has been super busy and this is godsend, like a mini-Hive at home. I would recommend this to anyone (who’s currently climbing at least 5.10 and wants to improve their finger strength). Amir is very kind and wants to support The Climb and Conquer Project., a little side project I started a few years back on my leisure time to support youth from disadvantaged background to go rock climbing and get caring mentorships. Amir said $20 of each product ($87 tax included) will go to CNC to fund kids’ programs. Just mention the code: SOMETHING WONG. If you want to see the board in person, I will be at the Hive North Shore grand opening next Thursday 6pm onwards.” said by Joe (Founder of  Vancouver Rock Climbing Group) July 19, 2015



Photo of Amir (on the left) :)