Extreme Conquer Youth Club (Grade 8-12)

(Currently only in Vancouver)

A Facebook group for all Climb and Conquer volunteers, youth and past summer camps participants to continue to EXTREME CONQUER through monthly fun outings or indoor climbing in Squamish, Vancouver, etc!

Monthly Events will be posted @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/extremeconquer/ October 2017 – May 2018 throughout the school year.

Open to all youth Grade 10 – 12 and we plan events together. Great way to meet cool people and learn university and career skills.

RSVP @ admin@climbnconquer.ca


We would like to thank volunteers from the Climb and Conquer Society Canada and the Vancouver Rock Climbing Group who operate this club.


Grizzly bear is proudly sponsored by the Hive Bouldering Gym.





Grizzly Bear is run by Youth, with the support of Adult Advisers. Our Youth Committee plans our monthly dinner, trips, volunteering events, outdoor adventures, educational series, etc. Endless fun activities! We are always looking for volunteers, age 16 and up! Reference letter is available after 30 hours of volunteering!


Current Team:

Director: Thomas Lauer

President: Arrietty Song

Climbing Director: Victor To & Denise Choi




I arrived 4 years ago in Canada with a passion for adventure. After I cycled across Canada, I lived few years in Calgary. There I explored the beautiful Rockies and developed my skills about climbing, hiking and skiing. I worked more than 10 years in summer and winter camp. Being in charge of the children safety and amusement was a great experiences. When Joe told me about his project to help kids discover the power of mountains activities I get hooked. I loved the ideas that through outdoors sports and friendship the young generation can empower themselves. As the director of Grizzly Bear, I will make sure than children will have fun, be safe, make friends and learn what they want to do of their life.


– Thomas Lauer





Hello, grizzly bears:

My name is Arrietty Song. It is an honor and privilege for me to be the president of Grizzly Bear Youth Club. Starting in fall 2016, adult sponsors from Climb and Conquer organization and I have been working together to figure out the glorious future of our club, where everyone can find the sense of belonging, appreciate the companionship of each other. Grizzly Bear Youth Club encourages and motivates participants to learn from one another through doing sports and various activities. “Grizzly Bear” defines those youths who have ambitions and want to make a change in their lives. If you are sick of sitting at home all the time, this is a perfect chance for you to immerse yourself in nature and discover new values of life.

I look forward to welcoming you to our kick-off movie night on Oct.21,2016, and hope we will have a fantastic journey together.


– Arriety Song




Hello! My name is Victor, and I’m a grade 11 high school student from Richmond, BC. My hobbies include climbing (obviously), listening to music, golf, and playing video games. I can flash v4s and anything up to an 5.11a !

– Victor