🙂 We accept on going youth referral (age 13-19) for the following 3 programs from social worker, teacher, counsellor, psychologist, mental health worker, youth worker, settlement worker, etc.


1. One on One Mentorship Matches where we carefully match 1 Climber with 1 Youth and they meet once a week to rock climbing or other recreational activities for minimum 6 months.

Program Brochure

E-mail us a referral letter (see sample).


2. Once a month Indoor Rock Climbing (done by group booking). See instructions on how to book.


3. Summer Outdoor Leadership Camps where we bring youth out to enjoy nature, friendships and teach them skills:

  • Explore outdoor safely and responsibly
  • Use transit service to access hiking in Squamish and Vancouver
  • Practice individual leadership to lead a team
  • Practice mutual help to succeed as a team

Camp Video

Registeration: www.climbnconquer.ca/summercamps/