Camp Overview:

7 Camps in total for Youth age 12-18 from Squamish area.

Each camp are 3 days 2 nights: runs from Friday 6pm – Sunday 5pm.



Meetup and End Location

July 7 – 9                       Kinsman Campground 6 Sea to Sky Connector Trail, Squamish     
July 14 – 16 Kinsman Campground 6 Sea to Sky Connector Trail, Squamish
July  21 – 23 Kinsman Campground 6 Sea to Sky Connector Trail, Squamish
July 28 – 30 Kinsman Campground 6 Sea to Sky Connector Trail, Squamish
August 4 – 6 NEW Mamquam river Campground
August 18 – 20 NEW Mamquam river Campground
August 25 – 27 NEW Mamquam river Campground



Camp Description:

Our camps are super fun. You will spend a lot of time hiking, exploring outdoor, group games, skills sessions and plenty of free time to enjoy yourself and making new friends.


Our skills sessions focus on:

  • Explore outdoor safely and responsibly
  • Use transit service to access hiking in Squamish
  • Practice individual leadership to lead a team
  • Practice mutual help to succeed as a team


Examples of Skills Sessions:

Outdoor Adventure Skills:

Leave no trace

Bears and cougars

10 essentials

Basic hiking skills

How to orientate with a compass and map

Cooking outdoor

Outdoor survival

Build a shelter


Start a fire

Navigate without compass by day and by night

Teamwork & Leadership exercises

Rock climbing and rappelling


Typical itinerary:

Friday 6pm:

  • Camp starts at 6pm
  • Orientation and Games
  • Set up camps
  • Night hiking
  • Sleeping in a tent


  • Hiking
  • Skills sessions
  • Night hiking
  • Sleeping in a tent


  • Hiking
  • Skills sessions
  • Camp ends at 5pm


What do Youth need to bring with them?

Friday dinner

Sturdy runners or hiking shoes

Warm clothing (it gets cold in the evening)

Swimsuit & towel

Hat & Sunglasses

Sleeping bag or blanket

Personal hygiene items


A bowl and utensils for eating

Flashlight (for night hiking)

Water bottle


What do our camps provide?


Cooking equipment

Outdoor equipment (climbing ropes, harness, compass, map)

Food & Snacks (Friday snacks; Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks; Sunday breakfast, lunch, snacks)




$50. Our camps are all fully subsidized by donations and the District of Squamish Community Grant. Special discounts are available to families in need. Contact us for more info.


How to register:

*We service youth from  age 12-18.  Registration must be done by phone calls with one of the managers and online payment.

Arrietty Contact: 6047263108

Janice Contact: 7789037645

Joe Contact: 3605948727

Participants who are unable to afford the costs are very welcome to join our camps. Call us for more details.


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